My Story

Years ago, I began my search for happiness and balance in my health. After years of dealing with infertility, depression, and frustration, I quietly began running. At the time I was living on the North Shore of Oahu and each day I would run that bike path. At first I was frustrated and could barely run a mile, but as time went on, my stride grew stronger and longer.
I gained confidence, found self love, balance and happiness in my mind and body on that path. It was a life changing moment.
Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to run many half marathons, had a beautiful baby, moved to the mainland, and started new careers.
I’ve just joined a high end athletic fitness clothing line called ZYIA Active. I LOVE their quality pieces and I know that comfy clothes is a must for all. So, I’m going to be sharing about it here. Zyia is a brand new company and I’m STOKED to be a part of this incredible journey and I would love to get you some free goods.
Nowadays, I’m attempting to find balance between Crossfit, running, running a business (or 2 or 3) and taking care of my family. I’m slowly gaining back the Aloha stride I once had, the happiness and knowledge that came with it, and hope to share what I’m learning along the way.
I’m excited to share my love for fitness, healthy eating, and happy thoughts here!
Thanks for joining me here at The Aloha Stride.