Free Yoga On The Jazz Court

I am blown away by the progress and growth of this business and I am SO proud to be wearing my Zyia Active because we were just named the official apparel partner for the Utah Jazz Dancers and have so many big things ahead in our Utah Jazz partnership!
What does it say about the quality, style and brand of my shop if the Utah Jazz just partnered with us after only being in business for just one year? It means we are QUALITY. We are striving to be the best and we are going to do BIG things. 😍

We are hosting a FREE yoga night on the Utah Jazz Court at the Vivint Home Arena!
Monday, April 9th at 7 PM – 8 PM!!
Come join me and my friends for a yoga night, tons of Zyia giveaways, and special gifts from me!

Bring your mat and hang with us on the court and meet new friends!
Thinking of coming? Drop me a line and introduce yourself! I can’t wait to meet you!
I’ll see you there!

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