November Self Care

Ever think you can do it all, but your mind and body say “uh, what”? Like most of us, I am way way too hard on myself and expect a little too much. Lately, I’ve pushed aside my own needs in order to try and do all the things all the time. I’ve lost too much sleep worrying about what I haven’t accomplished and have been way too critical of what I have.
So I’m starting this month with new vibes, a new perspective and new priorities.
Throughout November I’ve decided to take a moment each day to be grateful for my small victories and treat myself to a little “me time. If I take the time for myself to rest, heal, and love, I’ll be a better mother, mentor, and friend- I know it!
Today I stepped out for just a moment to treat myself to my favorite @vivejuicery . It was only for a minute or two, but I did something that brought me a little pep in my step -it was all I needed.
Asking myself what I could do for me created a new space of love and grace inside me that brought me joy. I wanted to share it the rest of my day. I loved it.
I encourage you to ask yourself, “What can I do to care for this woman?” Self care is so important. You deserve to be loved, especially by yourself. Give yourself some grace and a moment of gratitude. You are loved and when you take care of yourself, only then can you truly help others. Don’t forget to take care of you!❤️
Use the tag #selfcarestride and post a moment that shows self care. Let’s remember to give ourselves that grace, health and happiness together. ❤️